“Dr. is always up-beat, talks in a way that it relaxes you, and explains everything he’s doing. I feel he is always focused on me and never feel rushed. A few years ago he fixed my frozen shoulder and I did NOT need surgery.”
“My greatest benefit from seeing Dr. Matejka, is that I have my hearing restored! I was down to hearing very little and now I hear fine!!!”

“It was really nice that Dr. Glen remembered me after not being there for 7 years. I was amazed at how well I felt the following day. I am looking so forward to my next appointment because I know I will be feeling even better, although I’m 80% better after just one appointment, just amazing.​”

“This was un-like any treatment that I have had before. It was interesting and really helpful.”
“My best friend has raved about Dr. Matejka for years. I now know why, I had severe pain for at least 10 years and after 3 visits I’m totally pain free wish I had listened to my friend much sooner.”

“I am so happy I was referred here. I felt like someone actually heard me and that my symptoms are not imagined. I feel hopeful!”

“It is with much gratitude that I write this message. After many years of seeing countless physicians and being treated for complex symptoms due to chronic Lymes disease, I was referred to Dr. Matejka earlier this year. Suffering from constant pain and difficulty walking, I truly did not believe it possible that I could ever be pain free. Under Dr. Matejka’s expert care, I have experienced remarkable improvement and significantly reduced pain in literally all of my joints plus many other chronic symptoms have been alleviated. Dr. Matejka is a kind and caring practitioner that takes time to listen to his patients and treat the whole body and I feel as though he is a partner in my journey toward better health!”

“I had trouble breathing & couldn’t move after hurting my ribs getting slammed into the boards in hockey. I left your office after 1 visit like nothing had ever happened to me, the treatment that you guys do is just amazing, I can’t believe it. I even played hockey the next day without any problems. ​​”

“After only one treatment, I noticed physical improvement. The inflammation and redness on my face had improved overnight to where it was almost gone! I appreciate all the information shared, and the personal attention and care I was shown. I am very grateful to a friend recommended me to come here.”

“I’m impressed with the knowledge and care that the Doc took with me. I’m very knowledgeable about nutrition and body awareness and I was able to learn from him. I had a very good experience.”

“I came with a condition that was very frightening. I was losing my hearing! Dr. Matejka worked on me for a long time, taking time to explain what he was doing. I take the recommended nutritional supplements, and follow his advice. After 21 days, I started hearing again! I am so grateful that one of my clients recommended him.”

“Dr. Matejka takes the time to find out the problem and comes up with the solution. I had two~ issues that I mentioned at my visit, and he knew how to address both. I am grateful to be able to come to see him and get to my best health. I feel great!!”